About Me

” Fishing, to me, is not a choice.

it’s an instinctual calling that I’ve formed my entire life around. Growing up, I fished every moment my parents would allow, hopping fences and wading in the Brazos were all I knew until I went to off to college. After graduating from TCU, I decided to turn my passion into a career, guiding full-time on Ceder Creek (2010-2015). During that time, I dove even deeper into my love for the water, even starting a tackle manufacturing company known as Constant Pursuit Outfitters.

After taking a year off from guiding, I realized that my calling always has been and always will be the water. Whether I’m 80 miles offshore, chasing monsters in the deep blue, or pitching minnows under a bobber around a clump of cattails, I NEED to be on the water.

I love nothing more than conquering the challenges presented by Mother Nature, ensuring that my customers go home with lasting memories as well as a few bags full of fresh fish.
It would be my privilege for your to join me on the water so we can both chase our dreams.

– Lane Palmer “

Please feel free to contact me.